27 September 2013

Style Dilemma Solved: What to Wear to a Charity Cocktail Party

Earlier this week, I wondered whether I'd find a dress for a charity cocktail party at the District Sample Sale. Of course I don't have anything in my closet I deem appropriate and on point. It's an established crowd, and I'll see longtime colleagues. Nothing I have felt right.

First stop at the DSS? Zoe Boutique. I pulled a swath of heavenly black pleats from the rack, pulled it on over my clothes.

Sold. And at $79, this Waverly Grey frock was a steal. (Pardon the grainy selfie. Only shot I have.)

But I still wondered whether it was "too much." So I finally caved and called the hostess. "Not quite cocktail" was the answer. She's wearing a dress, but not a cocktail dress. Some folks will be coming from work, but then the older crowd tends to dress for these events.

Still conflicted, I turned to twitter. And the best advice of the night, even though it does keep me from the hoped for emergency shopping, came from, of all places, a chef.

Cogito Ergo Sauté, you see, is a personal chef service. Who would know better than the person creating the canapés?

I will be wearing the dress.

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