15 November 2013

Travel Style: What I'm Packing for a Weekend in Philadelphia

Packing for a weekend away is always a PITA. It shouldn't be, but it is. Even when you leave the "Packing for Two Beans" part out of it. Which I will.

We're headed north to Philly today. It's one of my favoritist places on earth, and my Big City Hometown. I grew up about 40 minutes outside of the city (and yes, I'm an all-Philly sports fan. Except DC United. Because I was here when MLS started, and, well, Philly was late to the game).

We're staying right downtown, at Le Méridien. Yes, we're staying in a YMCA. The building, you see, was an old "Y." It's a fabulous space, and I can't wait to enjoy it. We're walking distance to all sorts of things Bean-Important, like Reading Terminal Market, The Franklin Institute, the Rodin Museum, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We're going to march all over the city on Saturday.

Because, well...because I'm running my first half marathon on Sunday morning, very early. You might have heard, if you follow me on twitter and Instagram. I've certainly not been quiet about it. But that's for another day.

As far as packing, I'm going super simple. I need to be comfy, layered, and still not look schlumpy in the Instagram pics. (Because that's what it's about, people.) I also don't want to schlep 95 bags into the hotel.

So here we go, all into 1 bag (H gets one, too, and we're putting the Beans' stuff into ours. They get 1 little backpack each with their books and toys. Nothing more.). And while I've ranted about looking nice walking into a nice hotel instead of a gym bag (here and here), I'm cutting myself some slack. I am going for a race, after all. So my new(er) neon-pink trimmed Adidas bag it is.

1 sweater (an old Target colorblock favorite, no longer available, but love the monochromatic block on this one)
1 thin sweatshirty top (a new Converse One Star Target favorite)
1 pair boyfriend jeans (Madewell boyjean)
1 knit skirt (having the skirt and the jeans is the only choice I'm giving myself; Gap, no longer available, but here's a similar one in a brighter color)
1 layering vest (L.L. Bean, and it really does "pack away," never mind that it's insanely warm or cool, depending)
Assorted underwear, bras, and flannel PJ pants and a T-shirt

To drive up tonight, I'm wearing what I'm wearing to work. If I get really antsy about choices, I can switch out the above for a re-wear on one of these. And the boots are my Saturday (and post-race) shoes.

 I'm feeling very Geeeeer-MAHN, despite the fact that I'm wearing all-American designers (Pendleton, Calvin Klein, and, you know, Tar-ZHAY)

My running gear (I'm giving myself more choices there, because I'm freaking about about the little things, like the temperature and whether or not I'll need throwaway clothes at the start) takes up more room in my bag than other stuff. I may also have another bag with smoothie fixins. (Yes, I've gotten so weird about my morning smoothies that I don't want to risk eating something else morning of the race. And yes, I'm bringing my own blender. If I can't find a local smoothie place, that is. The little baggies in the pic below? Those are my measured-out "additives" like chia seeds and cinnamon. Weird. I know.)

This morning's "pumpkin spice" smoothie.

Needless to say, I'm excited. I'm nervous. Very, very nervous. But I'm really looking forward to a weekend with family and friends (a bunch of us are running together, and we're all doing things like getting our race packets together and going to South Philly for a carb dinner tomorrow night) in a city close to my heart.

My face of fear before my last long run (10 miles) the other night.

See you after my 13.1!

If you're a glutton for punishment, I'll be tweeting and Instagramming all weekend long - both @DCCeline!

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Miss Scarlet said...

Why do runs start so early? It's like, "Come run a crap ton AND get up super early." I don't get it. Especially for the ones in late fall/early spring. Seems like people would want to run later.

Congrats on finishing! (Spoiler alert, lol)