12 January 2015

Bringing the Old Into the New

I know it's been approximately 107 years since I "penned" a post. I've been busy, natch, and I was disconnected from a regular ol' computer screen for the holidays, which was absolutely lovely. For the first time in years, both H and I took the holidays off completely. From mid-afternoon on December 23rd through the morning of January 5th, all we did was check email less than a handful of times. It was quiet, it was full. It was peaceful, it was busy. It was joyful, and it was a little bit stressful.

The best parts, which I'm going to hang onto for as long as I can in my head, and return to them when the going gets rough (because it will):

Baking all day with 2 of 3 friends I've had for 20 years (one was sick, and we missed her terribly). Yes, we baked sugary and fatty things. And we shared them, as we always do. The company was the most glorious, as always.

Because blood orange sangria makes baking better

Impromptu Christmas eve day visits from friends who happen to be neighbors. One family came by in the morning, so we had coffee and pastries and the kids (theirs are same ages as our Beans) played while we just lazed and talked. The other family came by mid-afternoon (dad was on his own with the two kids), and while we started a slow burn on cocktails early, we did continuous apps for dinner, and they left way too late, all children and grownups were glowing for the company. The company, really, was the best.

If you're still drinking this January, drink this. Fairytale of New York, as posted by Deb over at Smitten Kitchen.

Christmas decorations. They make me happier than happy. Nutcrackers and bells and pine cones and swags and elves and candleholders crafted in preschools and ornaments and lights and candles and angel chimes. They just came down this weekend, and I'll be sad for the coziness that'll leave our home.

We're never done until 2am Christmas Eve, but it's worth it.

A christmas morning that was at least for a few presents worth, just the 4 of us. Just us and their glee.

Boxing day with nothing to do but play with our new toys and go to the playground, then have more friends over for a homemade dinner. We all stayed up way too late, but laughed and talked and played. The company, really, was the best.

The first time in New Hope, PA, a little artsy town near Jersey, when I could visit the vintage store on the corner w/out complaints from my family. In fact, they loved it, too. And a dress.

If you can make it there, Love Saves the Day is an incredible vintage shop. Originated in the East Village.

No.2's first trip to New York City, with temples and knights at the Met, FAO Schwartz, and lunch at The Plaza. There were lights and Christmas windows and train rides. And we were together, we 4. The company, really, was the best.

Rockefeller Center

A random afternoon at a south Jersey Walmart buying silly things and necessary things, then the rest of the day baking a second batch of the traditional Romanian christmas bread (in the guise of a Greek new year's bread), and making my first batch of traditional Romanian sour soup (a new year's thing). With my husband.

New Year's Day with the Mummers Parade on TV.

If you know what this is, we're best buds.

A final weekend night in Princeton with visits with dear friends and swims in hotel pools.

These are lots of moments. Many of them involved some excess from which I'm admittedly recovering, but I'm cleaning up my act and resetting my head to my #healthyme space and the #DayJob.

What I’m keeping, though, is the focus I was granted - because that’s how it feels - on my family. way. I return, as i often do, to the company, which is the best, because the power of us is such a strong thing, it just can't be manufactured.

So here we go, us. Here we go.

PS - One of the most exciting things in the New Year is that I’ve joined Alison’s team over on Wardrobe Oxygen. Starting this month, three of us will be columnists. I’ll be writing "Fashion, Undressed," attempting to explain some of what Fashion (with a capital “F”) does and why. Chelsea of The Chelsea Chronicles will share her thoughts, as will Phyllis Bourne. You can find Allie’s introductory post over here. Hope you enjoy!

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