15 January 2015

Shop in Style: Old Town Alexandria's Kiskadee Shop Renovation Sale This Weekend

You know how when you move, you get excited about cleaning out the stuff so you have less to move? And in that process, you find the gems you forgot you had in your closet?

Well, DC-area ladies, Kiskadee Shop is renovating their space starting next week - a fresh new look is coming - but you get to find the gems in their closet! Let's make the renovation easier on her by lightening her load!

Owner Sarah has let it slip that there's a massive sale starting this Saturday. This is your fair warning. It's going to be cold for a while yet in DC - we haven't even gotten close to Punxatawney Phil making is prediction, let alone having it come to fruition.

Need another cozy sweater - at 58-80% off? Done.

Race ya!

(Then meet you for a cuppa around the corner!)

What: Kiskadee's Renovation Sale - all fall & winter styles (there are some fun things for kids and the guys, too!) 50-80 % off

Where: 2205 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301

When: Saturday, January 17th - Saturday, January 24th

Why: Because if you snag a classic piece at these prices, you're doing right by your wallet and your wardobe

And if you need any more convincing, check out my girl Chelsea's feature on Alexandria Stylebook: Who's That Girl? All clothed in Kiskadee, she is.

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