12 May 2015

The Universe Shouted Today

I worked from home today. Most of those days, I walk the Beans to school, giving H from his morning duties (he drops off, I pick up). Today was no different. I also usually wander up the street to a favorite neighborhood spot, Little Red Fox, for a coffee I didn't make myself. Today, I had my favorite steamed Gouter U-hoo with espresso (double double this time). After coffee, I pass Politics & Prose. It's an independent bookstore. How could I not stop?

It was staring right at me as I meandered past the new fiction tables.

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H has long said, and we've been together 15 years, that I have a novel in me. He's always telling me that I write so much better than a book he's read. He's my biggest cheerleader in writing. Heck, he's the reason I started the blog in the first place.

It won't be today, and it certainly won't be tomorrow. I have a husband, a family, a demanding day job, and I try to keep myself healthy physically. I know, though, that writing is part of what keeps me well mentally and emotionally. I write here. I write on my Weight Watchers blog. I write for Wardrobe Oxygen and Glass. I don't write as often as I'd like, or as often as would be good for me, but I write.

I am a writer.

There. I had the courage to say it. I wrote it, even.

My newly appointed "office," with pictures hung.


CP2 said...

You'll get that novel in someday. I need to check out Little Red Fox one of these days since it's near me too...

Alison Santighian said...

Thank you so much, CP2! And yes, you should check it out - they're delightful, and the food good (and coffee wonderful!)

leaf (the indolent cook) said...

I freelance here and there at the moment, but I would love to get myself together to write a book one day, too. Let's keep at it!