18 July 2006

You Made My (Very Hot) Day

Thank yous go out to two women today - on a day when I'm feeling put together, but not particularly special in my sleeveless cranberry top w/ side ruching, slouchy white linen slacks, black super-high heel t-straps, and 30-cent (no kidding!) Romanian wooden beaded bracelets - for making me feel particularly special:

Nice lady stepping off the Judiciary Square Metro with me - "I love your purse! The color, the different pattern." The purse: Adrienne Vittadini Filene's Basement (15-minute downtown lunchtime shop about 3 years ago) orange and tan geometric stitching, orange leather strap.

Co-worker - "You always have the cutest shoes!" The shoes, old BCBG t-straps (literally falling apart - have to find a good cobbler - any suggestions?). Yesterday's were old dusty rose suede "sneaker" slingback heels.

I always get compliments on all of these pieces. Thank you, ladies!

What in your closet always turns heads?

(I've got to get a digital camera so I can post pics of this stuff! Yup, you heard me, don't own one. We're so behind the times. No TIVO, either.)


Miss Scarlet said...

Nothing I wear in the summer is that special...Nothing I can think of anyway.

I get compliments for my sweaters in winter. mmmmm....ahaha, I belong in New England!

BabsieD said...

No digital camera? Well, when in NYC, you can probably get a good deal at B&H.

I just took my shoes to a cobbler in Bethesda--I pick them up tomorrow--I'll let you know! He's replacing a heel on a pair of Jimmy Choos, amongst 5 other fairly treacherous assignments I gave him, but the Choos will be the real test.

caphillbarbie said...

I wore a pair of old zebra striped Hollywould slingbacks yesterday that garnered three compliments before 9 am! I find that shoes get the most accolades.

I also go to a shoe place in Bethesda called Fortuna (I wonder if it's the same as where babsied goes?). They are great, but not cheap!

DC Celine said...

Shoes seem to catch people's eye...I know they do mine - it's the first thing I check on an outfit. It's a tell-tale sign. Perhaps I shouldn't reveal this, but like Babsie D, I use shoe knowledge in interviews. I knew I shouldn't have hired the woman with the chunky "loafer" heels - and hose!

Rachel said...

My silver bracelet that looks like little tortoise shells all connected together. It is by a local New Orleans designer named Mignon Faget.

Natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

I have a red purse with gold threads... looks Indian, perhaps... and comes from someplace like Cost Plus or Pier One Imports. In other words, not designer. I use it alot and always get compliments. Always!