15 August 2006

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Five things in my freezer:
  • Bread, bread, and more bread (we buy the good stuff when we find it & freeze it)
  • Mother Goose leberwurst from the Russian Store in Rockville (it's the best in the area, trust me - I know my leber)
  • chicken organs* (pulled from the whole chicken & saved for this gorgeous dish Romanians make at Easter)
  • Pepperidge Farm pastry shells (the hardest things to track down in this city, for some reason, and one of the most useful for making ordinary look amazing
  • homemade raspberry sorbet (ok, that's not in the freezer at the moment, but it will be later this week - the raspberries are in the fridge, and the ice cream maker is in the closet)
Five things in my closet:
  • Ice cream maker (goes down as one of THE best wedding presents ever!)
  • Daslu grape velvet boots that make me want fall to get here in a hurry
  • Tory brown tweed nautical-style slacks (very similar to the ones at right, and another reason for fall to get here fast)
  • a Jackie-O-inspired claret bouclĂ© dress suit that I can't wear anymore because the "good" drycleaner shrunk the bouclĂ© so much that the lining shows and it would be just too short to wear decently, but can't give up because I absolutely love the suit
  • soccer cleats
Five things in my purse:
  • BodyGlide to prevent blisters (thanks, CapHillBarbie! it really works!)
  • Receipts, receipts, receipts, 'cause one of these days I'm going to be responsible and enter them into MS Money
  • oh-so-cute Target umbrella
  • Perfect Organics DC lipstick - goes with everything
  • Laura Mercier Lip Balm - the best lip balm, ever. Makes you look like you're wearing the barest hint of color, when there's none at all, and oh, yeah, moisturizes. First lipstick-like-thing I ever used up and had to buy a new one.
Five things in my car:
  • Until last night, when I finally remembered to take it out, my yoga mat
  • H's golf clubs
  • H's old school books
  • More change and receipts than we know what to do with
  • Case of "travel" CDs we listen to whenever we're on the road
Five things in my wallet:
  • SmartTrip (every saavy DC-gal should have one - can't wait 'til they test out those "E-Z Pass-style SmartTrip only lanes. Pokey tourists, outta my way!)
  • Cab receipts from the late, late nights at work (Thanks, Red Top drivers who are really, really nice early in the morning!)
  • Receipt for stamps at the post office
  • Cosi frequent buyer card, since their salads are on my way to school
  • Insurance card ('cause I finally remembered to take it with me on a trip somewhere)

Anybody else having problems posting pictures? I really wanted to post a pic of the Tory pants, but can't get the pic to come up :-(

*Yes, there's a thing with organ meat. But apparently, it's stylish. I caught the beginning of Regis & Kelly this morning (coming in late b/c I'm still all screwed up, time-wise), and Kelly was talking about their dinner @ Babbo last night. She said Mark loves to go there because he can get all sorts of things, like tripe. I know I haven't gotten to it yet, but my meal at Babbo was amazing, and was sweetbreads. Mmmmm...first time, and I'm hooked! Me & Mark Conseulos, we're like this (insert pic of me with my fingers crossed)

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