27 September 2006

The Tweed Is Out to Play

(Sigh of happiness)

So it's going to get into the 70s today. I don't care. The evenings are crisp, the night air is cool. It's perfect sleeping weather, and I sleep with the window cracked. Somehow it lets me drift off and I sleep better. The mornings are clear, and there's a golden glow to the light. I've seen a few turtlenecks (that's a little too premature, in my opinion), and the knee-high boots are starting to show their burnished skins.

It's fall. Officially, really, and truly, it's fall.

And I finally said: Screw the 70-degree weather, I'm wearing tweed.

So what if I paired it with an office-appropriate tank? I threw a dark jean jacket - old-school, almost, mind you - on to stave off the morning chill, and I have a shawl and cardigan hanging over my chair just in case the underworld freezes over and I get cold.

I really wanted to wear either my new Daslu velvet boots or my Tori tweed sailor pants, but it's just not cold enough for the boots, and, well, the pants fit better when I bought them (to yoga I go! Salads from here on out! Right.).

So I pulled out my paneled black & white tweed pencil skirt from Banana. And it's just right to let me bask in the cool fall glory, but not die of heat exhaustion in the name of fashion.

It makes me happy. Gloriously happy, fall does.


Miss Scarlet said...

You are so right! I, too, am ignoring the 70 degree afternoons.

I wore my brown/black yesterday. LOVE brown.

DC Celine said...

Brown/black tweed, or brown/black combination of other fabrics?

Miss Scarlet said...

other fabrics. corduroy skirt. I always hesitate to say what I wore bc I have to dress for:
1) a school
2) for tons of kids to sit and stare at me all day
3) to stand all day

so it's not too exciting;)

DC Celine said...

But Miss Scarlet, my dear, you're just what it's all about - real people with real jobs who have real style dilemmas. May not be exciting, but, it's what I'm all about!