13 February 2007

Packing for L.A.

After I finish up a few things for work, pretend to work on my thesis (which now has a very pressing deadline), feel sorry for myself because I'm so tired, I have to pack.

I hate packing.

I especially hate packing when I don't like a fair amount of the clothes in my closet or when I don't fit into a lot of them.

I especially hate packing for a vacation trip when I don't feel like I have a lot of casual options.

The good thing? L.A. is unabashedly casual. And rubber bands are my friends.

Things that will definitely go in the 'case:

H&M babydoll sweater
Ancient Citizens trouser jeans
Boring but functional (and well-fitting) khakis (Banana)
Favorite brown merino v-neck (Banana) all-weather sweater
New orange Nine West flats

See? Boring. Not happy. I'll just have to dig and see what I can find to add in the 'case.

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