01 March 2007

Feet, be silent.

Why, oh why didn't I heed my own advice and wear comfortable flats last night?

By the time I got through the Cusp press preview, helping out a little (I can't sit there and not help, even if Babsie D tells me to sit still), shopping the DSS, and even sitting for the District Sugar Shack, my tootsies were hurtin'.


Honest, they're comfortable shoes, normally. Just not when worn from 7 in the morning to 11:30 at night. I keep forgetting that part. And any other outfit options were just not flats friendly.

And then, the good lord blessed me with an incredibly boring meeting this morning. Take yourself to that 8 o'clock class you registered for on Friday mornings ('cause it was a great idea to finish all your classes before noon on Fridays). And then remember trying to get there after hitting the 'Fe (yes, belying my undergrad alliances there) for Thursday night. Works really well, right?

Well, it works even better when you're a Responsible Adult and you have to drive to a new location waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the suburbs (plus side: no terrible traffic going the "wrong" way) to get to a Big Meeting. Let's just say that I was really glad I was driving, not metroing, and that one of my DSS purchases last night was the hairwash-saving, no-blow-dry-needed headeband.

And flats. Glad to have flats.

I promise I'll write more later, and give you my take on the evening's events, but now I have to go earn some money so I can clothe myself. Paying job calling. The 2-second version?

Cusp: organic space tucked into Georgetown (versus the more industrial impression I got from the Tysons store). St. John's and Dana Buchmann-free way of buying That Which We Love.

DSS: worth it. If not for the Fashion and Deals, for the possible anthropological study some PhD-toting alien could do on our society.

DSS2 (read: afterparty): Blue Gin. Good space. DJ set just the right vibe for a mix of women All Shopped Out and Men Who Escaped. One review of the Cake Bar cupcakes, though: slab of butter - and not in a good way.*

And my feet are beginning to recover...and if you can't wait until I report out more, check out DC Culture and Fashion and After Hours for their reports, and Panda Head for her snapshots of styles caught at the sale.**

*Report from a friend who indulged - or attempted to - I'm sugar-free at the moment, meaning no cupcakes.

**Kudos to them - Ladies, I have no idea how you stayed up - or got up - to write these. You win.


dccaf said...

i wish we could have met! the cupcakes were a bit stale, sadly, since i love cupcakes. overall, it was a really good time!

panda head said...

NO, kudos to YOU. pregnant AND sugar-free?? you have a steel will.
i can't wait to check out cusp, i'm going tonight!

DC Celine said...

both of you, sorry to have missed you - sounds like we need to arrange a meet soon ;-)

dccaf - glad to hear the cupcakes weren't worth it. wasn't missing anything, then?

panda head - these are the strange things we do...looking forward to your post on cusp.