07 March 2007

Style Dilemma: Trouser Jeans Defined

In response to Style Dilemma: Birthday in Freezing Cold NYC, Amanda posted:

I was wondering if you can post on your "trouser jeans" description. I have the worst judgement when it comes to buying jeans.


Brilliant question. Main reason? I think trouser jeans are one of the most wonderful fashion inventions ever. I wear my Citizens for Humanity Faye #003 low waist full leg stretch constantly. They were the first pair of "premium" jeans I bought, and for a long time, were the only pair of jeans I had. They got me back into jeans, when I hadn't worn them in years. Literally. Haven't even given them up as the bump's growing. Still using the rubber band.

Alright. Now that I've rambled, to your question.

Basically, what trouser jeans do for you is dress up the jean into something not jean-like (but you still get the comfort and "not dressy" part of denim). They tend to be more flattering to more women than other styles. Picture your favorite pair of work pants - how they fit, look professional, and cool all at the same time - and you've got trouser jeans. Easy way to spot them? Look for the pressed crease on the front of the leg.

zafu.com has a great little article on trouser jeans (try their jeans finder, too!). You no longer have to spend tons of money to get a pair (though they're certainly a great investment - I bought mine for $150 at least 3 years ago, and they still wear great). Land's End, Gap, and even Target (Isaac, of course) have versions. And if I could ever find a picture of them, I'd love to show you the Pair I Never Got this past season - Shagg Downtown's high-waisted trouser jean. It's what Kate Hepburn would wear if she had worn jeans.
Hope that helps, Amanda. Go forth and try - lots and lots of pairs. It's the only way to find them. That, and take along a friend - critical for the very, very important "rear view" decisions. And if you're willing to spend a little more money, go see the local experts at our own Denim Bar. Or, if you're willing to wait a little while, put the folks at the just-about-to-open-in-our-area National Jeans Company. (The Bethesda store opens March 19th - more to come on that later. And no, their website name has no connection to the local beverage - honk if you get my meaning - I know because I asked.) Not just jeans, but if they've got jeans in their name, they know what they're doing.
And don't forget to report back! We've all been where you are.


Anonymous said...

I love that second pair. What brand are they?

DC Celine said...

Ooops! Forgot to add the link to the pic - it's there now - they're Gap Old Flame Trouser jeans.

Report back & tell us how they fit!

Kenny said...

Gap jeans fit very well,i like them more then levi's!