16 April 2007

Shop in Style: Free spring into summer

Before you go load up on floaty summer dresses and sandals, take five minutes tomorrow (ok, it'll probably be a lot longer because of the lines) and hit Ben & Jerry's for a free cone! Celebrate the advent of airyness and sunny living in spite of our lovely weather.

Yup, Global Free Cone Day is back.
One cone won't hurt you...and you can even argue that you're getting lots of vitamin D & calcium with the milk! Taking your vitamins is stylish, right?
*Snap of the perfect summery Catherine Malandrino dress courtesy of Urban Chic.


panda head said...

wow that's a gorgeous dress - haha i've had a new appreciation for catherine malandrino ever since her project runway guest spot. she had such pretty hair!
welcome back!

DC Celine said...

isn't it? she's been a favorite of mine forever...especially since (despite my now eternal search for new flats) she was quoted once in answer to the question: "what will you never wear, even if it's the height of runway fashion?" her answer: flats. now that's a woman after my own heart.