13 April 2007

Off to Baby Sis' Wedding

Yeah, so the travels aren't quite over...one more stop in Philly. Via Lancaster (pick up Mom-Mom) and Broomall (where the church is), PA.

Thanks to all who voted in the long ago 'maids dress vote. Of course, I had to get a completely different one, due to The Bean, but it's similar. Sort of. It's a v-neck, and that's about it.

Long story about measurements, shipping, and tailoring (bought big because who knew how big I would or wouldn't be). Maria of Rose's Custom Tailoring in Bethesda had to take about 6-8 inches out of the dress after our return to the States on Tuesday. H is being a dear and picking it up, since it wasn't ready yesterday when I stopped by with Dear Ol' Dad (had to take it in more and cover the Girls better - they keep growing).

But nevertheless, am spurning weather to wear the Old Navy halter I bought pre-Greece to tonight's rehearsal. Rehearsal's inside, after all, right?

More after the wedding...

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