12 April 2007

Back from Greece - Full Report Coming Soon

I'm back.


Waking up at 4am and not going back to sleep. (That's fun, let me tell you.)

I've met every relative H has (very nearly). My Romanian is better, and I can count to 10 in Greek, courtesy of a lovely diva of a 10 year old.

Short version of the trip...

Athens is full of great fashion - shoes especially - I wish I'd found some that fit. I tried, unlike on our trip to Italy, but nothing fit just right.

As a tall, Germanic-boned woman, I felt totally comfortable walking the streets of the ancient modern city. It was delightful, after our two last European trips were to Romania, land of the Skinny Minnie. Greek women have curves, and wear them proudly and stylishly (though the full-length winter coats on a 50-degree day were rather amusing. I suppose it's all relative.). I'll go back any time.

Chania, the second largest city on Crete, was quietly touristy. Our hotel, with views out on to the Old Venetian Harbor, was delightful (love those real continental breakfasts). Walking through the old city and through the local hills and seashores with newly met family members was amazing. Fashion and style were less obvious, more touristy. But I do feel like we were in on a secret that no one else knew, really - it was so quiet.

More to come - pictures and style discussion. And, of course, the list of what I really took to and wore in Greece (let's just say a joyful thank you for the Tummy Sleeves, flats, and ancient Citizen jeans).

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