27 March 2007

Packing for Greece...if I ever get to it.

Let's just say that I'm thankful I've traveled a lot. Packing happens for me in about 30 seconds. 60 if it's winter and I'm trying to stuff things into a bag.

Everyone has different packing styles. Take, for example, me and my mother-in-law. My style? I just told you. List in head for a week (or not), then pack on the fly. Invariably I end up with a few too many tops, but worse things could happen. MiL? She's been packed for a month. I kid you not. MiL's a very planned and "get it done now, so I can play later" kinda gal (dinner's often cooked by the time I get up in the morning). It's served her well. So she started packing in the spare room about a month ago. She'll be packed, then think twice, pull something out, replace it, see a weather report, change it again...

So when I left this morning, already mildly stressed about trying to get further with the aforementioned thesis-type project thingy and transition my projects to coworkers for the next two weeks, I really wasn't even considering packing. It'll happen. Someday. Our plane departs tomorrow dinnertime, so I figure I'll get it done at some point. No worries. Jae and Erwin tomorrow morning are much more important (I'll feel good, even if I have nothing to wear) than getting my crap in a bag.

[12 hours after I started this post...continued...]

But I did find 10 minutes before a meeting and again after my brain conked out on work & school to make a list of the things I think I should pack. I'll spare you all of the vitamins and face products, but here's the pre-packing clothing list.

2 Old Navy tanks (one in True Blue, one in a berry color that doesn't seem to be on the website)
orange sparkly Indian-inspired Chrome Hearts tank
INC sheer blue T
4 summery, flowy tunic-y blouses lent me by a marvelous GreekGoddess friend who just gave birth to her first daughter
an iie
blue Motherhood Maternity dress
linen Old Navy halter dress (for some reason not on the website - wish it were - it's so non "M")
a standby cami
tummy sleeves (one black, one nude)
underwear (of course)
socks (in case my feet get cold at night)
trouser socks (eew, I know, but just in case it gets cold over there - it's possible)
tights (see above comment, but without the "eew")
Old Navy rollover waist khakis (Babsie D, you were right, right, right - don't knock 'em til you try 'em - and I never want to wear anything else ever again - but also can't find these online)
Citizen standby jeans
an old standby printed Ann Taylor skirt - just in case
favorite brown merino v-neck sweater
favorite black cowl neck sweater (again, just in case it's cold)
a black cotton motorcycle jacket (Gap, 300 seasons ago, but it's still one of my favorites)
red cotton raincoat
teal silk pashmina-like shawl - perfect for the plane!

Shoes are a little extensive...but here goes
Mia stars flats - like slippers - with stars! (for some reason, 3 of the last 4 pairs of shoes I've bought have been Brasilian-born - something to look into there)
my orange flats
standby black heels (just in case)
gold strappy sandals
my favorite bought-in-Miama with BlueSuitGirl ankle wrap sandals
my new Grasshoppers
slippers (oddly enough, also with stars)

And, of course, accessories...but I haven' t decided on those yet.

MiL says that the shoe shopping in Greece is to-die-for - lots of little boutiques. I promise a full report - and I'll tell you if I actually packed any of what I listed, let alone whether or not I wore it.

See you on April 11th! I'll let you know how visiting the relatives in Athens and Chania, Crete, was!

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Miss Scarlet said...

I always end up packing a lot, but I'm okay with it. The few times I didn't, I ended up without things I needed.

Can't wait to hear about Greece! Feel free to give out my email and picture:)