23 April 2007

Shop in Style: The French Market in DC this weekend

Two sisters. One obsession. One philosophy.

Great fashion and designers don't have to cost a girl her life savings. And what really shines through after finding a great steal is her confidence.

Simone and Stacy split their childhood. One went shopping with mom, one went to the bookstore with dad. Now they're one in their goal: "walk out your door with more confidence and attitude than Naomi, but feel secure that your bank account isn't tipping negative."

Though the sisters are originally from Miami, Stacy moved to D.C. last year, and Follow Fashion, Inc. is bringing their shopping events to our 'hood.

April 27-28

11am - 7pm

The Courtyard of Istanbul Caravan

1614 Wisconsin Ave., NW

And then, of course, one has to pause for refreshment at the perfect post-shopping place, Kafé Leopolds.

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