23 April 2007

Report from Greece: Overdue

Yeah, yeah, so I'm a little behind.

And so I overpacked a little. With good intentions. Problems with my packing:

1) It never got really warm in Greece - not even on Crete, though there were some jacket-free days there.

2) The M khakis I brought, while perfect for the plane (very comfy and lots of room), were/are really too big. I wore them out one day in Athens, and found myself hiking them up constantly. I wanted a belt, but M pants don't come with one. At least not that pair.

The result was that I wore my jeans 24/7 (except for Easter night, when I wore a dress). Tummy Sleeves saved my fashion life. I played the Layer Game. Almost every day was a combination of Tummy Sleeve, tank, and sweater or T. Flats, too, as my Grasshoppers were lovely, but not broken in enough (I should know better).

So here's the edited list of what I took/wore:

2 Old Navy tanks (one in True Blue, one in a berry color that doesn't seem to be on the website)
orange sparkly Indian-inspired Chrome Hearts tank
INC sheer blue T (didn't wear at all)
4 summery, flowy tunic-y blouses lent me by a marvelous GreekGoddess friend who just gave birth to her first daughter (only wore two. One regularly, one one day only. They currently make me look much bigger than I am, and that's just not a good thing. They're hanging back in the closet for later.)
an iie
blue Motherhood Maternity dress
linen Old Navy halter dress (for some reason not on the website - wish it were - it's so non "M") (never got warm enough to wear)
a standby cami
tummy sleeves (one black, one nude)
underwear (of course)
socks (in case my feet get cold at night)
trouser socks (eew, I know, but just in case it gets cold over there - it's possible) (and I couldn't have lived without them. Note to self: shoes with teensy star cutouts leave teensy star blisters on bare feet.)
tights (see above comment, but without the "eew") (never really got cold enough)
Old Navy rollover waist khakis (Babsie D, you were right, right, right - don't knock 'em til you try 'em - and I never want to wear anything else ever again - but also can't find these online)
Citizen standby jeans
an old standby printed Ann Taylor skirt - just in case (didn't even pack)
favorite brown merino v-neck sweater
favorite black cowl neck sweater (again, just in case it's cold) (not cold enough, though)
a black cotton motorcycle jacket (Gap, 300 seasons ago, but it's still one of my favorites)
red cotton raincoat
teal silk pashmina-like shawl - perfect for the plane!

Shoes are a little extensive...but here goes
Mia stars flats - like slippers - with stars! (for some reason, 3 of the last 4 pairs of shoes I've bought have been Brasilian-born - something to look into there)
my orange flats (didn't bring 'em along)
standby black heels (just in case)
gold strappy sandals (we didn't go out, really. I was too darn tired the whole time.)
my favorite bought-in-Miami with BlueSuitGirl ankle wrap sandals (never got the chance to wear them)
my new Grasshoppers
slippers (oddly enough, also with stars)

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