18 April 2007

Shop in Style: Today at Clarendon Metro

If you're in Clarendon today, run, don't walk, to the farmers' market at the metro stop.

Get a brownie.

Then head for forever, Heather's tent. Cute dresses, tops, jewelry, and bags...all at very reasonable prices.

It's Heather's first day at the Clarendon Market, but she sells at the Arlington County & Eastern Markets regularly. What she started as a jewelry-making hobby back in 2000 has become a full-fledged business. And, starting in September, not only will you be able to claim a forever, Heather original necklace, but you'll be able to snap up her own cute clothing designs.

Gotta get back to work, but will add a pic or two shortly! In the meantime, go see for yourself!

Update: Two coworkers hit the pavement, one bought a great chunky turquoise necklace. Pictures are teensy, but I'll see what Photoshop magic (ahem) I can work on them & post later.

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