17 April 2007

Style Dilemma: No Emotional Space to Shop

Baby B's had a couple of rough weeks (ok, months) at work. She's drained. The light is finally visible at the end of the tunnel, but a few weeks ago, "buried" would be the way to describe her work life. No emotional space to do anything but work and crash after work.

But still, she had a wedding to go to two weeks ago. In Charleston, SC. Where it's warm(er). And digging something out of her closet, let alone hitting the spring sales, to find something to wear was the last thing on her mind.

So the Wednesday before the wedding, she trudges home. And draped elegantly on her bed is a lovely dress.

"For you to wear to the wedding," says her boyfriend, RV.

He's such a doll that he braved Nordstrom all by his lonesome to pick up the Jones New York number at left. And by all accounts (I've seen the pictures - she looked lovely), he did very well. Congratulations, RV, you've got brownie points extraordinaire.


Miss Scarlet said...

Oh! What a great job he did. I'm going to a wedding North Carolina this weekend:)

DC Celine said...

Didn't he do well? He's clearly a keeper.

Make sure you share your wedding weekend fashion with us, as well...

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

I love this dress. I am going red again, soon... I need GREEN!

DC Celine said...

I enthusiastically support your choices, oh Muse.