15 May 2007

Shop in Style: Cusp Tysons & Georgetown Birthday Events

In case you're feeling like slacking, and want to escape (just be sure to call me first, so I can join you)...

Cusp Day Birthday Party
Friday, May 18
Cusp Tysons Corner & Georgetown

In celebration of the line between Taurus & Gemini, cupcakes, pampering, palm reading, goody bag with purchase.

Out to Lunch at Cusp
Tuesday, 22 May
Cusp Georgetown

Details of what's in store (pun not intended, and painful, I'm sorry) are top secret, but the Cusp folks throw a good party, so I'm sure their support of your playing hooky will be up to snuff.

(Oh, and LA readers, the Century City location's throwing the Cusp Day party, too!)

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