15 May 2007

Shop in Style: The Purse Store Sale

Our local source for All Purses Fabulous (not to mention all the other accessories, like my personal favorite, Alexis Bittar), The Purse Store has a home in Bethesda, and is a frequent vendor at sample sales and other charity shopping events.

If you can't make it to Bethesda (though it is not too far from some of my favorite casual restaurants), shop online through May 20th and get 30% off everything, sitewide (except for the usual caveat of clearance items and prior purchases). Just use code SAVE30 at checkout.

Think they have diaper bags?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of diaper bags....
Crusing through Target last weekend and for some reason I paused at the baby section. Cute, cute bags there. I very nearly brought one home and I have (nor am I planning) a baby!

DC Celine said...

Anonymous - any chance you could share which bags tempted you?