20 December 2007

Style Dilemma: Winter? Weather Packing

Baby B said yesterday, "You should do a post about how to pack for 30 degrees today, 50 degrees tomorrow. On travel." With everyone headed over the river and through the woods, some from freezing temps to balmy breezes and vice versa, she's right. How do you do it? How in Coco's name do you pack for a weekend trip when your Weathers don't line up (and your bags are full of goodies you're giving)?


Baby B, I think I have your answer.

It seems so cliche, and yes, your mother said so, but layers, layers, layers. And I'm not talking the ones in your 'do. A couple of quick guidelines for that odd weather packing should do you...

1) Know what you'll be doing. If your family just hangs out, and doesn't leave the house, don't worry too much about what to wear. They know you and have seen you in your jammies before. On the other hand, if you're headed to Midnight Mass at the Church of the Hat Ladies, well, then, you'd best suck it up and check your main bag so you can carry on your hat box.

2) www.weather.com It actually works. Plan a little, and don't assume that Florida will be 80 degrees. If you do, it won't.

3) Pick 1 pair of tailored but not too fussy slacks in a wearable fabric, like twill or gabardine. You could even do a pair of dark, dressy trouser jeans.

4) Pile in the layerable Ts. Even if you're not wearing them on the outside of your ensemble, you can tuck them underneath for extra warmth on one end of the flight or another. And they pack so easily, too - just roll them.

5) Black. Or at least a single, neutral color.

6) Comfy, run-through-the-airport shoes. See M clothes shoes for reference.

7) Socks. You can put them under boots, if you have to (wear boots onto the plane, if you need to - or want to - wear them in your travels, rather than packing them), and if you don't, you can put them on while in the air to keep your tootsies warm in flight.

8) Presentable PJs and/or a robe. It's not your house, so they don't want to see you in your alltogether.

9) Little blazer or cropped jacket. You can layer it under something heavier, if either travel end warrants, or it can serve as your in-flight coverup.

10) Pashmina. Overdone, yes, but eternally useful. Great way to add color to any outfit, and great for when the stewardesses - ahem - flight attendants - run out of blankets (which they always seem to, nowadays).


Eleanor said...

I'm so with you on the "one neutral color" rule. Then everything can mix and match and it is easy to accomodate the occasional disasters. The brown "conference" wardrobe is gradually growing and has been highlighted with deep oranges and turquoise.

Miss Scarlet said...

LOVE layers.