17 January 2008

To Pleat or Not to Pleat

Apparently there's a run on women not cutting their basting.

Basting, of course, being the type of stitch used to tack together pleats or vents on new clothes so they don't get folded a wrong way before their new owner wears them - you know those wierd "X"es on your winter coats?

artlush commented on yesterday's post: "i want to help them..maybe throw some scissors in my pocketbook and attack when i see them..which i may add is a few a day"

You're clearly not the only one, artlush. There was a thread in wapo.com's Talking Fashion chat about the exact same thing. "Have you noticed how many women forget (or simply don't know) to pick the basting stitches out of suit jackets, skirts, and so on after purchasing them? For example, I saw a lady in a very cute pleated skirt, but with all the pleats sewn up! Hey, fellow office drones, those stitches are just to protect the clothes in transit -- you can take them out now!" writes Washington, D.C.

I'm with you both. It's amusing, annoying, and a fashion faux pas.

And, I'll add, as The Bean's Mommy With Little Sleep, it's entirely possible that the poor woman on the street just plain ol' forgot. Be kind. I know I've meant to clip them, and just forgot (ok, not on a whole pleated skirt, but definitely on a coat). It took until I got to work to fix - and I did.

I know I certainly wouldn't mind a nice person coming up to me and saying, "Hey, did you know your pleat/vent's still tacked?" Even better, if said nice person (ahem, artlush, ahem) were carrying a pocketknife or pair of scissors.

Just don't wield either in the Metro. Could get you in a leeetle bit of trouble nowadays.


Miss Scarlet said...

I sometimes forget to cut open my pockets:) Haha, then I get out and my hands are cold and I realize and try to rip out the stitchings without anyone noticing:)

DC Celine said...

joyce of be that mom recommends keeping them closed to make sure they lay flat - so you're just being smart