18 January 2008

Style Challenge: Bring It Out

This morning I pulled out a favorite, but barely worn, pair of flats. They're now happily cheering up my otherwise boring Friday Ensemble (too baggy khakis and a black turtleneck).

I challenge you - dare you - to dig through your closet this weekend (it's a long one, after all), and find at least one item of clothing, pair of shoes, or accessory that you love but never wear. Then build an outfit around it, and wear it next week.

Then report in.

Hint: colored shoes, accessories, pair really well with a monochromatic neutral ensemble - black, navy, grey. 'Cause I know that more than a few of you must have a favorite brightly colored piece you bought because you love it and can never figure out what to wear with it. Don't forget, you can always email or comment for advice (send along a snaphot for even better results!).

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