07 July 2008

Style Dilemma: Ensemble Under Construction

Searching, searching, searching for what to wear to The Bean's Shindig. In spare moments (riiiight), I've been checking sites for the stores I'll likely hit tomorrow night in my One Night Must Find an Outfit Trip.
Thank you to the IR for the suggestions, too. I think the dressy shorts option will just turn out too casual looking in reality - though a good idea.
Oddly enough, what I want really isn't out there - I was hoping for a fun, summery print in a non-flouncy skirt. Neither Banana nor J. Crew had what I assumed they would (though J. Crew came closer); both were waaaay too businesslike for a 1-year-old's birthday party.
The most likely candidate, it seems? What is now becoming my standby (and I cringe as I type): Ann. Ann Taylor - and AT Loft. The three choices at left are all options - though the orange circles probably is too dressy - front runner is the madras.
The top? Well now, that's another story. I'm a huge fan of blousy peasant, which is all over the place. But I don't want to look blousy and peasanty in the pictures. I. Want. Fitted. And did you know that's apparently just not out there? We'll see.


Miss Scarlet said...

I know! I went shopping today and couldn't find anything fitted.

Love the madras!

ms. spinach said...

You could totally do the orange circles (my fave out of the options) with a plain white tee and cute flats/sandals, which would dress it down quite a bit.

But when you're chasing after the Bean, I'd think a non-straight skirt would actually be more comfortable. (You could sit on the lawn in it without flashing your undies, for example.) Something patterned and in a circle or pleated style would be really pretty and classic, and if you got a not-too-summery pattern, you could probably carry it into fall too.

Of course, I do not have children, so I don't really know about these things. Good luck! The Gap has some fun stuff right now; be sure to pop in...