08 July 2008

Style Dilemma Solved: Black Pumps Are In the Closet

...and begging to be worn tomorrow. Now. If only I had the rest of the wardrobe.

Seriously, waaaaaay back in March, I announced My Search for Black Pumps. And yes, I've been going that long without them. I limped along in my old Nine West Katarras for a while, but for a few months now, I've been wearing everything but. Unfortunately, my feet are starting to get old, too, so I've resorted to flats, and have now worn out my black patent ballet slippers.

So after the first zappos.com attempt - lovely shoes, but none of them fit quiiiiiite right (totally bummed about the gorgeous Sofft pair) - I kept putting "buy shoes" on my to-do list, but never got to it. I finally forced myself the other day, and today the results of my purchase arrived. I am the proud owner of two new pair of shoes.

Perlina Paris - advertised as "luxury comfort," but made in CNINA (yes, that's really what the label reads), I was skeptical, but the reviews were fantastic, and the style retro, so I jumped - and boy, am I glad I did. They really are cushy, with nice soft leather uppers, and the details are just right - solid 40s heel, peep toe pseudo-d'orsay (the sexiest shoe style ever). They also have an innovative elastic band inside the heel to keep from slipping.

Clark's Lakeville - uh-huh. Clark's. Seriously. Never known for their style, the English walking shoe company now makes sweet little flats with their signature comfort and support. Can't wait to wear them. Slippers, slippers, I tell ya. And they're made in Brazil, which just supports my theory that Brasilian shoes fit my foot - all the more reason to hit Hu's Shoes ASAP (they just got in the new Chie Miharas).


carrie m said...

clarks is coming up in the cuteness factor. I lived in their boots (Indigo sub-brand) over the winter, and have a couple of summer pairs in addition to my standby walking shoes that take care of my finicky feet!

fab find on the first pair of pumps. I may have to try them out myself...

Hyperchondriac said...

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Miss Scarlet said...

my mom swears by clarks and once they started making cuter ones I tried them out, but I have to get a size bigger and can never find them:(

conflictedthimble said...

love love love the vintage style of those pumps. love. did i mention they were loved?