27 February 2009

Style Dilemma: Embassy Function Straight from Work

I'm stumped.

H and I are attending a vodka and caviar dinner at the Kazakh embassy (an executive friend won it at a silent auction a ways back) Monday. It's right after work, so there's probably no expectation that we would change. It's also a "and spouses" event. So there's a possibility that the spouses don't work and will be able to doll themselves up.

The first thought is: it's after work, so business attire. A nice suit with funky shoes and a select piece of jewelry or two. Or a LBD.

Second thought: None of my suits fit. And my LBD is pilled and raggedy.

Third thought: my Ali Ro print dress, which, when paired with black tights and black peep toes with a touch of hardware is acceptable for a work-like function (I wore it for our company president's holiday party).

Fourth thought: eh. (Though I love it)

I'm tempted to go buy a new suit, which H thought was a fine idea (I need one anyway), but I'm not sure I'll have time, and buying something like that at the last minute never works.

So what's a girl to do?

Honestly? Probably just wear the Ali Ro...as if it's a hardship - I love the dress and the outfit...but I was looking forward to maybe having something new.

Time will (literally) tell, I suppose.


K said...

ooo please wear the ali ro dress!!! :)

Miss Scarlet said...

Wear the ali ro...whenever i try to buy something i NEED, it never works out. I'd hate for you to stress out trying to find something new.