07 May 2009

Breaking News: Work Gets in Way of Social Life (and Blog)

That whole federal contractor, saving the world, serving our country thing? Well, so not a fan today.

The Government decided to release an RFP we were awaiting - yesterday. Deadline end of May. Translation? MUCHO work for yours truly.

Now, I was waaaaaaaaaay behind on paper (it's all very cemented in my head, really!), and bossman and H (yup, we work together occasionally) would really like to see more progress. But I lost any chance I had of swinging my evening at the DC Scout B-day fest tonight when the Government actually did their job.


So I'll just have to settle for finally getting my hair cut (about 2 months overdue), getting to the doc (5 months overdue), and getting to Erwin (hmmm...probably pushing 6 months - at least).

Then I'll go home, all gussied up, with only my laptop and Big Binder o' Government Documents to keep me company.

Oh, and H. He'll be right next to me with his, though he won't be quite as pretty as I.


Miss Scarlet said...

I want you to work less.

DC Celine said...

Thank you, sweetie. Me, too!