07 March 2011

Climbing out of the Doldrums - Check, and almost check

My next steps in the Big Climb?

First was a haircut. Check.

Second was shoe shopping. Almost check.

Wednesday, right after I posted, I picked The Bean up from school and took her to lunch. Because she was having such a lovely time playing with one of her little friends, we invited LittleFriend and HerMama to join us at KafĂ© Leopold. While the girls climbed all over the banquette, almost behaving, our VeryNiceWaiter tolerated us and the Mamas chatted. We felt positively normal. And the girls had a great time. (oh yes, and they did let us in, despite my absolutely schlumpy duds)

Note to self: go more often. It'll keep me from seriously jonesing Austria. At least for now.

After lunch, we swung by my favorite (as if you couldn't tell, since I wear their shoes almost every day) boutique, simplysoles. And while Miss Kassie wasn't there (off getting the new Richmond location ready for it's opening this weekend!), we did a quick browse, and bought two headbands - one for the bean (which she's worn proudly non-stop since), and one for Mama. I set my sights on a couple of pairs of shoes. Now. Do I take the risk and wait for DSS? Or take the sale prices now? Hmmmm...

Then we dashed off (the Bean nodding off "Mama, I love you" in her carseat) to Franz Sebastian to see Miss Jae. Scrubbed and coiffed, I felt 1001% better. Still do, in fact. We got in a bit of style gossip (have you heard about Erwin?), and The Bean got to have her bob trimmed. Such the little lady. Or Diva, as her sitter calls her. When I asked her later who do you like to do your hair (she's been to H's barber, and MIL's hairdresser, too), she answered "the girl with the team shirt." Jae was wearing a fun sports-jersey-esque top. That's my girl.

So...two more items down, a bunch more to go. Up next?

Get healthy - this will be a long road. But maybe I'll have some extra fruit today. Or even some veggies.

Buy a few pieces I love NOW. Not for the future healthy me, but for the Rubenesque, Now Me - starting that this afternoon - a stolen afternoon jaunt to Friendship Heights, to see if I can get a couple of tops or lightweight sweaters I'm happy in. Even if it's one, it's one more than I have now.
Keep going. Even when I'm distracted or have relapses into UnshoweredWorld, I will get. back. on. the. wagon.


Anonymous said...

I just bought a treadmill and can't wait to get my ass in shape! I'm still wearing maternity jeans - nine months later...ugh! - Suzy
"Web Mama"

DC Celine said...

I know. It takes forever. But you'll get there. Sooner rather than later.