03 August 2011

Shop in Style: Proud Mama

After a much-needed cut by Jae for me (I feel human again), I took The Bean for a little mama-bean time on Bethesda Row. Before dinner at Lebanese Taverna (where we had a chicken wing/chicken finger drama of epic proportions), we browsed. My Bean loooooves to shop.

First stop? Urban Chic. In between warnings to keep her hands to herself (sticky fingers + boutique clothes = disaster), she pointed out a few of her favorites. In retrospect, I should have noted exactly which designers she liked, but the crux of it? If it sparkles, she likes it.

(And yes, she's wearing Laura Ashley. I must confess an absolute obsession when I was younger. Now? Wouldn't catch me anywhere near it, despite the current trend towards English roses. But she flaunts her roses and tulle perfectly.)

Stop #2? Sassanova. After I gushed at the Black Velvet Schiaparelli hatbox in the window display and stopped to explain to The Bean exactly who Elsa was, we shopped the prolific sale like veterans. The display of on-sale kids' shoes caught her attention, of course. Her favorite was a pair of silver maryjanes with red patent lips (the lipstick shoes, she dubbed them). Unfortunately, the pairs of the Moschino style left were too small for her even to try on. But she showed an affinity for them - pointing them out multiple times - that made me proud.

Before she gracefully transitioned to pointing out pairs for me (also with great taste - Butter, Badgley Mischka, and other sparkly designers), she also targeted a pair of Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania collaboration with Brazilian designer Melissa (racked.com posted on them, here). Perfectly flirty and fun, I was relieved (not that I can't say no) when the pair she could try on was really just. too. small. to warrant purchasing for a growing girl. Even on sale, 60% off a $100 pair of children's shoes is crazy. No matter how adorably fashionable she would've been wearing them.

In the end, we walked out with a quite reasonably priced pair of $31 white eyelet maryjanes (which, for the first time, I've banned from playground, school, or any event other than church and dinners at "Very Fancy Restaurants"). She noticed - and loved - that they matched the eyelet on her dress.

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