05 August 2011

Shopping Spree: Updated Wardrobe on a Relative Dime

We all know that "on a dime" doesn't really mean that. Even when you score the fab vintage find (or not so) at the not-so-glamorous-but-ever-so-fabulous Goodwill (you do know about DC Goodwill Fashionista, right?!), then another, then another...well, all those $10 dresses add up.

Same goes for some inspired and spur-of-the-moment wardrobe updates, even if they are at the didn't-know-I-could-find-that-here Target and Ann Taylor LOFT. A couple of days ago, I had an hour to kill (long story about the MIA phone, Verizon's network going down, and waiting around hip cool Fair Lakes for a work happy hour), so I popped into Target to see what I could find. I'd been meaning to do a few teensy updates to alleviate the "I have absolutely nothing to wear and I hate everything in my closet" syndrome. That being said, I didn't want to spend a fortune - I'm in the process of getting healthy, remember? (Never mind that I fit into nothing in boutiques at the moment, as drapey and loose as some things are right now.)

After I tore myself away from the evil dollar bins (I can always find something - like a plastic boat for the Beans' bathtub), I went rapid-fire through the women's clothing - juniors + misses + who knows what it's all called now. I threw all sorts of possibilities in my cart - why not? And while some that I adored the idea of on the hanger worked not at all on me, I did find a couple of sweet deals to update both the "going out" and the "work" areas of my closet.

First up, the dresses. This bright orange find would be that. much. better if I could figure out a way to unstitch and remove the v-neck insert. The pretty drapey V would work for night, of course, and clean up easily for day with a brooch. But given the thin jersey, I'm thinking I won't be able to remove it without serious damage. So it'll stay.

The next pic doesn't represent the actual dress - just the silhouette. It's a classic minidress shape, but I found it in a fun black & white stripe with a non-ruffle-ruffle texture stitched in that makes it that much more forgiving and interesting. So why did I buy a form-fitting mini when I'm trying to lose weight? 1) I look good in it. True to style advice, the more appropriately fitted (appropriately being key, of course), the slimmer you look. 2) I knew H would love it. He does. He's "ordered" it for our night on the town Saturday.

Lastly, I found a pretty deep blue sheath that I thought perfect for work. H thought I could wear it out. Mine was missing the belt, which suits me just fine. I can belt or no. Without, it's MaryTylerMoore-esque. With, I can add a splash of yellow or green or red or orange...you get the picture (note to self: buy fun big wide belts).

As I tweeted earlier, I'm wearing my all-LOFT outfit. Working from home today, so I can go see Bean #1 in her music camp show. I'll post the rest of my finds after I go see my diva-in-training rock the house.

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