05 August 2011

Shopping Spree: Woulda Shoulda Coulda Bought the Skirts Back Then...

Remember the post in which I said I really really really needed denim skirts to get me through summer? Yeah. Well, I finally got around to it.

It's August.

The one I picked isn't polyvore-able (hel-LO sites, let me clip, please), and, if it were, it's not on the LOFT site any longer, but it's a cross between the first ladylike choice and the nautically inspired last choice on the set here. Wore it the first day I had it with a long, pleated-neck twist on the graphic T from DKNY Jeans (probably the most difficult thing to describe in the world) that's also not on the web any longer (bought in another shopping spree down tha shore). Loved.

In the meantime, I finally have two skirts in my wardrobe that I should've had back in June. They would've been perfect for the beach. And the rest of summer. Wearing them the last few days in this (slightly lower) heat reminds me that I should've searched harder before I left for Jersey. (Both are Ann Taylor LOFT.) And yes, they're both zippered, cargo-style. One's olive, one's a silky soft grey (not entirely sure that the one in the pic is mine - they say "twill" on the site, and if my skirt's twill, I'll be a monkey's uncle. but you get the picture.)

Oh yeah, and I found two tops, too. One LOFT, one Target. The raspberry LOFT T is my new favorite shape. "Draped," they call it. It's got an elastic waisted bottom that finishes the look ever-so-softly and elegantly - yes - in a t-shirt. It's slimming, and not nearly as sloppy as it looks in the pic.

The stripey one, well, that's not the right one, either (I hate it when the things I buy in the store aren't on line. Ugh.). But the general shape is right. It's still cream and black striped, but with a thinner stripe. No v-neck - it's a straight/boat neck. Cropped, I'd suppose they say, but the sleeves and the body are oh-so-80s. Amazingly flattering, especially from the back with anything slim-cut. Can't wait to pair it with my shorter cargo skirt and gladiator sandals. Anyone having a BBQ for me to attend looking fab?

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