03 August 2011

Style Dilemma: Reunion Advance Work, Part I

So. My 20th high school reunion is coming up (yes, yes, dating myself, blah blah blah). And yes, I'm going. In fact, can't wait. Not that facebook and such haven't changed the concept of a reunion, but I am still looking forward to seeing people. Rather than knowing what people are up to (which I know already), it's about seeing people in person that I've gotten oddly closer to since reconnecting online.

Yes, I realize that sounds a bit creepy.

Nevertheless, there is a major dilemma: what to wear. At the risk of my classmates seeing my machinations, I'm going to document my trials here...it seems only fair - and relevant - to a style blog, that is.

My first thoughts bounce between "is it silly to ask what the event dress will be on the reunion fb page?" Or do I just wear what I want to wear and everyone can get over it? I'd say "I didn't care then, and I don't care now," but the first part wouldn't be true. I did care then, perhaps too much, like a lot of us did in high school. That era is fraught with complexes, after all, isn't it? The second part is partially true. There is a bit of, well, look-at-me-now going on.

I used to wear-what-I-want-to. I'm not that girl who poured over fashion mags at age 5. Though I did scribble out a few designs in a short period where I thought I'd be a fashion designer, I didn't grow up wanting to meet Oscar or Karl. That didn't come until much, much later in life (that story will have to come another time). I wore ripped jeans, my dad's "vintage" high school football jersey, my grandfather's wool felt baseball shirt, and my dad's old plaid shirts. I did "thrift," but didn't have any kind of knack for picking out the good stuff - or put it together well when I did (at least not that I remember). I imagined myself hip and offbeat, and I'm sure I was - but just more in a geeky, unsureofmyself type way, rather than a "who's that girl" type way.

So I'll first get healthy (and lose, oh, about 20-30lbs I need to lose anyway, and the reunion is just a good push to get there), consider my style options carefully, and share my thoughts along the way. And in the end?

I'll have good shoes. No. Great shoes. Guaranteed.

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