13 February 2012

New Adventures - In Life and Style

Well, then. A couple of things.

Job: After 9+ years - longer than I've been at this blog - I've decided to move on to a new company. It's a big step. Bigger than I thought. The interview process and even the salary negotiations were easy, relatively speaking. What got me - unexpectedly - was walking out the door today. Even though the company into which I (and H) poured my heart and soul was acquired almost 2 years go, I sat in my full-to-the-gills-with-9-years-of-stuff car today in the parking garage and cried. Big cries.

I'm guessing it was a release. And I'm guessing it won't be the last time I do it over the next few weeks.

Most of you know that my job has crazy hours, demanding clients, blah, blah, blah. While I think my new position will still have those things, I'm hoping that a shorter commute and new mix of responsibilities will mean I'm better able to share with you the thoughts I have around DC Style - and style in general. Yes, I'm hoping to blog more. And yes, I'm looking forward to seeing if there are style differences from VA to MD. (Also: not-so-secretly thrilled to be back in MD and no longer in NoVA of any variety. Sorry, Virginians.)

Me: I am not healthy. No, I'm not ill, but I am overweight, and I'm out of shape. I don't feel good, and I don't like that I don't feel good. So I'm getting healthy.

In my "Mamacation" last week, I had a huge To-Do-List. Among things like organizing The Beans' toys (thank you, Container Store!) and getting our minivan into the shop for major repairs after being rear-ended 2 weeks ago, I managed two very important items.

1) I signed up - back up - for the gym. Not only did I spontaneously get my rear end to the gym and wait forever for the membership person to meet with me, but I forced my poor mother, who was with me that day, to shop Tenleytown for at least an hour more than she expected to while the Gym Lady grilled me (nicely) about my habits and goals. On top of that, I bought 3 additional hours with a trainer (and expect I might do more). I need to move, and I need to move now.

2) I signed up for Weight Watchers. I have never. ever. ever. done anything like this in my entire life. I've never done any kind of organized nutritional plan. Ever. I've periodically cut out this or that, and last year H and I kept the Orthodox Christian fast for Lent, which is very strict. That being said, I need to re-teach myself how to eat well. I need to do it for me, for H, and for The Beans. Between my doctor (it's the only program of any kind she endorses) and a number of dear friends who've re-learned how to live healthily, it seems like it will be the right choice for me.

So there you have it. Just a few little changes going on in my life - all for the better.

All good things.

If you're not already following me on Twitter, please do. @DCCeline. If you want to see where I am on my get-healthy goals, look for #healthyme


RosaLovesDC said...

Good luck on the new job lady! And so excited for your new healthy goals; stay motivated and focused.

DC Celine said...

Thanks. [takes multiple deep breaths before plunging off massive cliff]

Nimmity said...

Sounds awesome Alison - you go girl!

DC Celine said...

Thanks, Nim! Need to get healthy to be able to make the trip to Sydney with the beans one day...

Alison said...

All of these things sound amazing! I'm very excited for you :) There's no better feeling than taking charge of your own life and making positive changes. Good luck...not that you'll need it ;)