15 May 2012

Favorite Post: In Honor of Operation #boothbabe

The folks hitting the conference sessions down here at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center today and tomorrow have already stepped it up a notch or two from the government folks and contractors I met at a Large Meeting in Aberdeen, Maryland, in early 2011, but...

We've still got a looooong way to go, baby.

Maybe it's that we're in the city instead of essentially rural Maryland. Maybe it's that there's a much higher proportion of women in government accounting than there is in Army IT support, but there is a smidgen of style here and there.

There are at least a few LV purses - whether they're real or bought on a Georgetown side street - there's an attempt at purchased style. There are a few dashing gentlemen with crisp white hair and interesting specs (as befit an accountant, naturally), and a few who can hang with their decently (but not perfectly, mind you) pinstripe suits.

But there is still a proliferation of ill-fitting, double-breasted, horrendously patterned separates. Ladies, really? It's 2012. Gentlemen? You can buy a new tie. And do we really need to talk about the sportcoats again?

I said it in 2011, and I'll say it now: Style Counts. Honest.

I originally posted this in March 2011, after attending a huge meeting up at Aberdeen Proving Ground. While the govvies presenting certainly knew their stuff, and the contractors in the room were honestly a bastion of experts, well, they didn't know their style. But that's what we bloggers are for, right?

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