14 May 2012

Week in Style: A Nobel Laureate, The Front Row, and, oh, The DayJob

I had plans of posting over the weekend, but between H, The Beans, and still being under the weather, I didn’t even turn on my computer. Really. Yes, that kind of a day exists. I did, however, manage to sleep off most of whatever was keeping me down (thank you, H, for the “space” to sleep!), so hopefully I’ll be able to tackle this week with professional and personal aplomb.


I won’t bore you with the details of the DayJob, but just know that I have multiple deadlines, a huge, critical, culture-changing presentation to prepare (go-time next Monday), and I’ll be out of the office staffing a conference booth for 2 days this week. Nice change of venue, sure, and I’ll meet more clients, which is also good, but timing? crapola.

So what else is going on this week? Want to break out of the traditional style realm into, shall we say, academic and kiddie style? Well...

First, The Goethe Institute has two particularly enticing nights. H’s parents literally escaped Romania in 1969, and my undergrad degree is in German, so you’ll see these are right up our alley.

Monday, 14 May, 6:30pm - H is taking his mom to see “The Last Hour of Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu” (Die letzten Tage der Ceausescus), a German film (fiction) that captures the last moments of probably the most horrendous of the Eastern bloc dictators. Introduced not-terribly-coincidentally by a family friend, Vladimir Tismaneanu, this film will hopefully spread understanding about the world my in-laws - and so many others - escaped, leaving loved ones behind and risking their lives.

Tuesday, 15 May, 6:30-9pm - Herta Müller, the Romanian-born, German-language author who won the Nobel prize for literature, is reading from Atemschaukel (The Hunger Angel) at the Library of Congress. This, my dear friends, is one of the 101 reasons why DC Rocks. Because we get to go - for free - to hear some of the most critical voices of our times. Once-in-a-lifetime-type events, people. Join me?

Thursday, 17 May, 7:30pm - as long as the DayJob doesn’t keep me at my desk (a definite possibility), I’ll be at Bethesda Row for the showing of God Save My Shoes, the opening event for The Front Row. In the past few years, The Front Row has become a do-not-miss for me, especially because of the amazing films they’ve screened. Bill Cunningham’s New York, anyone?

Friday, 18 May, 5pm and 7:30pm - Andy Cohen book signing and The Front Row Fashion Show? Yup, yes, please! The weather’s supposed to clear up by the end of the week, so I have no doubt that Mr. Cohen’s charming self and the designs showcased by Bethesda Row boutiques will be a perfect way to spend a Friday night.

Saturday, 19 May, 11am-2pm - The Bean and I have yet to make the Chic Child on the Row events, so I’m really excited to be able to take her this year. Arts & crafts, cooking classes, and, um, Legos on the Lane? So very, very excited!

Don't forget to check out The Front Row site for all of the other trunk show, specials, and events.

Saturday 19 May, 7:30pm - Bed.

10:30am UPDATE: silly me, didn't check my calendar. I can't sleep on Saturday. We've been invited to a Cool Couple's place for her birthday. She's German, he grew up in Puerto Rico, and they're wonderfully hip. Their 2 Beans, who met our 2 Beans in music classes, are sweetly tri-lingual, and they have all sorts of Cool International Friends. Do I sense my own Style Dilemma post coming? Hmmm....


RosaLovesDC said...

First, I hope you all feel better.
And I wanted to go to the Herta Muler reading but I have something going on that evening. But I might see you at the Bethesda Row events, some of my friends and I are going, again, if work doesn't get on the way.

Kara said...

See you at the front row!

Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

I'm so sad to be missing the front row events! Had such a fun time going with you before!