11 May 2012

Shop in Style: We Came, We Shopped, We Crashed

I got a lovely note from The Limited's PR rep today, just making sure Mommy last night.and I had a nice time.

We did.

We each found loads of great stuff, admittedly unexpectedly, for honestly, the last time I was in a Limited? Well...

I've promised I'll share pics from the event (oh! the crowds! the cocktails! the cupcakes!) as well as of all of the pieces we tried - good and bad - and we tried on a lot. But last night, combined with crazytown at the DayJob, and H's birthday weekend, which had this INFJ "on" all weekend, has absolutely wiped me out - literally and figuratively.

What I will tell you is that I'm sold on The Limited. It might sound like an advertisement, and sure, that's why they invited me. It worked. That's why they - kindly - gave me a lovely gift of an outfit. I'm not sure they realized what a gift it was, this gift of my First Ever Skinny Jeans that I had to "downsize" from the 12 I originally ordered to a 10. I don't think they realized that the pretty little jacket they gave me is the first jacket I've been able to wear in a long time - almost in forever. I've wanted a cute little jacket for as long as I can remember, and my broad shoulders and extra weight kept me from finding one. I have one now.
My new favorite T, polka dot blouse, and a crazy cute clutch designed by The Limited's new accessories designer, who has a lovely knack for the details. Oh. And my new skinny jeans. Did I mention my skinny jeans?

What I got out of this experience, other than probably yet another ear infection (thanks), is a renewed sense of me.

Thank you.

And goodnight.
The Bean, waiting for me in my bed, as she is wont to do when I'm not home for bedtime. Makes it all worthwhile. Or does it? How can I leave this for even a little bit?

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Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to be at this event with you! It sounds like it was an amazing time - and you looked fab in the skinny jeans!