08 June 2012

Shop in Style: We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

When the invite hit my inbox, I checked my calendar, and responded right away. It had been 3 years. The last time I’d made it, it was the 1st anniversary. DC Scout was just a baby, and I had a baby at home. It was a Big Night Out for me.

The biggest part of that night (other than getting dressed and going out without someone attached to my hip) was meeting other DC bloggers. We were so few at the time. We were there, but we were few. Most of us had started blogging in part to show the world that DC isn’t what you expect in terms of style. We were also all on Blogger.

So in a few spare minutes yesterday, I tried to find a snapshot I remember being taken. I couldn’t find the picture, and maybe it was just taken in my mind, but what I did find was a couple of old posts that reminded me of The Good Old Days. Pardon my nostalgia, but go take a read at what RachelBetsey, Maria, and I all had to say about the night and us getting kicked out of the party.

Now, we’re spread to the 4 corners (some of us jetting off more frequently than others - ahem - Betsey), have changed positions or jobs more than once, and there are Beans. Plural. All of this made last night’s DC Scout 4th anniversary party at Madewell a lovely pause in daily life. I caught up with new(er) friends, renewed old contacts, and shopped in a store that has been only legend to me. Sounds silly, but yup, last night is the first time I’d ever been in a Madewell.

So congratulations are in order.

DC Scout, Happy 4th Anniversary. Thank you for bringing DC shoppers stylish deals and fun facts with your notes and calendar. I know I love them.

Lacey, our very own CapFABB founder, for being the first Guest Blogger (see her posts during June) in what is sure to be an interesting addition to DC Scout. Can’t wait to see who’s next!

The DC fashion, beauty, and style blogging community, for being a thriving, vibrant place. We range from the daily posters to the occasional musing. There are those of us who tweet constantly, and those who carefully, if at all, use the 140 characters allotted us. We snap photos and we write haiku. We share ourselves, and some of us hide ourselves. We each contribute to a chorus of voices that is intriguing and interesting. May our voices ring true and ring well.

Now. Speeches aside, last night was colorful. But apart from the kelly green jeans I desperately wanted and just weren’t the right fit, pink was the color of the night, by far.

Laughter. Vyque of Fasshonaburu

Sweetness. Liz of So Much to Smile About

Jazzy. Kate of Go Kate Shoot

Neon. Silk Slideshow Dress by Madewell

Jewels and tiger. Vyque.

More pink. But it wasn't parkmobile's fault after all.

Inspired by all of the Nars Schiap! in the house last night. Gift from Malena of Malena's, A Unique Boutique


Vyque said...

oh no a ticket!!! I got to my car and the meter maid was ticketing someone across the street - I seriously was just in time!

DC Celine said...

yup. weird, too, b/c i *know* we've been inspected. thought it was a parking ticket, but noooo.

J.Jehanne said...

love this post... didnt hear about this event till super late but I wish I had come.