05 July 2006

Devil VIP After-Party Swag Report Part II

Next installment...

I'm very curious...from the very swank-looking blond man at one table, I got a pretty white bag with all caps, "PRADA."

Turns out he was with the Ritz, and in the pretty white bag were Samples! I can't wait to try them out:
  • Prada Hydrating Gel Cream/Face
  • Prada Riviving Bio-Firm Concentrate/Face
  • Prada Shielding Balm SPF15/Tint 4
  • and the one I'm most excited about (haven't had a perfume sample in forever) - Prada eau de parfum
Of course, they're all in the amazingly sleek little single-use capsules. Perfect design, as far as I'm concerned.

I'll give a full report when I try them out!

All of this was in the name of promotion - so I'll chip in - apparently Ritz Spas & Prada have teamed up. There are 4 new treatments only at Ritz Spas (and coming soon to D.C.) - Prada products are used, and clients go home with the products to use at home. They sound lovely, and if I ever have a spare 300 bucks, I'll be sure to swing by (all things considered, I suppose they really aren't that bad):
  • Prada Exfoliant Visage - an AHA peel
  • Prada Radiance Visage - a vitamin C treatment
  • Prada Reviving Visage - a "recontouring" treatment using the Bio-Firm stuff I mentioned up top
  • Prada Replenishing Body Facial - this is the most tempting for me - facial, massage, and Prada - how can you go wrong?


BabsieD said...

Prada Lip Balm is addictive. ADDICTIVE. You buy them kind of in bulk--they're these teeny little things--I think you buy 6 or 8 or them at a time, which is great because you can put one in every purse, every coat pocket...

DC Celine said...

I just can't bring myself to break the pretty little packages open! I'll have to, soon, though...they're burning a hole in the pretty white bag!

caphillbarbie said...

I will second the vote that the Prada lip balm is amazing (especially the tinted ones), but I have the same problem opening the tiny packages! They are just so minimal and cute!