26 April 2007

Give in Style: Giving Girls a Prom

(Thanks, Daily Candy D.C., for the heads up!)

About 300 years ago, I collected prom and bridesmaid dresses from coworkers to donate for girls who wanted to go to prom, but didn't have the means to dress up for the coming of age event. I was inordinately proud of myself.

A shopping bag full of atrociously flowered and chiffoned dresses sat under my desk for a year before I finally just dropped them at the plain ol' Salvation Army (also a good thing, but not exactly the intention).

Fortunately, the women behind Once Upon a Prom give us a few more guidelines and make it lots easier, so that we don't just clean out our closets and dump the icky stuff on the unsuspecting girls. They're looking for formal or fancy party dresses from the year 2000 on. That helps quite a bit. No turquoise poofballs, please. They also ask that the dresses are in excellent condition, are cleaned, and please, please, please, put them on a hanger (how hard is that?).

So...take 10 minutes and dig 'em out. You've got a week to donate dresses to underserved young women for their big night.

Thru May 4. Mon.-Fri., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat., noon-5 p.m.
Drop off at Ann Hand, 2900 M St. NW, at 29th Street
or e-mail princess@onceuponaprom.org to arrange for pickup

Oh, and if you're fresh out of prom dresses, you can still help. Monetary donations are also always welcome, or you can rationalize a new jewelry purchase by buying the "Every Girl is a Princess" bangle for $55. Donations and bangle purchase proceeds go to offset the costs of running the dress drive.

Then, keep an eye out for an invitation to prom...

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