26 April 2007

A New Take on the Color Wheel

Don't try this at home.

Office kitchen, 7am. (Big project to get in the can by 10am - that would be why I'm blogging, of course.)

yogurt, bowl, bag of granola. fresh cup of coffee. long trek back to desk.

I don't even make it 6 inches.

Coffee dumps, makes a special yogurt latte in the bowl as it sprays all over floor, cabinets, and lovely blue dress. (Note that I said the coffee dumped, not that I dumped the coffee. It had a mind of its own.)

It's a darn good thing browns and blues work together.


Miss Scarlet said...

One time, on the way to work, I spilled coffee on my skirt TWICE...I was so glad the skirt was black.

The Tailored Woman said...

My office kitchen is located in another time zone. I have to go through two swipe card access security doors and one regular door to reach it. In my case, the morning balancing act involves negotiating these doors while clutching a steaming hot cup of tea, a bottle of water, and toast with almond butter.

I may or may not know anything about certain stains on the carpet along the way.