08 June 2007

Shop in Style: Beat the Heat with Summer Sounds

If you can stand wandering the streets of Georgetown this weekend in the heat (try Ben & Jerry's, Cusp, Haagen Dazs, B&N, DolceZZa, Pink November - you get the drift), make sure to freshen up and cool off with a stop at Cusp's Sound of Summer Acoustic Festival.

Sunday, June 10
3:00 pm: Rob Pierangeli (THE HARD TOMORROWS)
4:00 pm: Andy Zipf

And if you hit the marimekko DIY event, please, please, please report in and share a pic of your bag! I'm off to be feted by mom and MIL. Two sets of mothers. Hope to see you on the other side.

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BabsieD said...

Bag event demand exceeded expectations that we had to send the majority of the bags home with the seamstress--they will be sent/picked up in about a week.

'Twas very fun--here is a post by an attendee; picture of her bag at the very bottom: