16 April 2008

Practicality, Schmacticality

(Important caveat: I apparently have no more energy left. Not sure why, but I crashed like the losing tractor in Footloose. So if some or none of this makes any sense, I'm sorry. I'll fix it later.)

Thank you to those who helped with The Great Black Shoe Search of 2008. The update? I bought the Sofft Gabriella and the Bronx Shoes Flore. The Sofft fit perfectly, and are true to their name - they were gorgeous and comfortable, but there was that teensy little place on the inside of your foot where the edge of the shoe rubbed. And the Flore was just too small, and not worth trying a different size.

So I took advantage of the zappos.com return policy, printed out my return label stuff, taped the box back up and shipped them right off...ahem...I mean, have them waiting in the trunk of my car to drop at the next UPS store I see.

In the meantime, I've browsed zappos.com again, but nothing struck me as perfect. So with the gorgeous weather we've been having, I thought, Shopping! It's rare I have time at lunch to shop, and the Clarendon area just doesn't have much in the way of stylish stores (the late All About Jane, Free People, and South Moon Under being exceptions).

And then there's the local shoe haven, Shoefly. Hurrah for Shoefly. At least I hoped. Even after working in the area for 2 years, I hadn't stopped by - until today. Baby B and I scorned the sidewalk lunch crowds and spent our lunch "hour" inside, trying on shoes.

Ladies, get thee to Shoefly.

Great selection, good prices, good sales, and cute accessories.

As I said to Baby B, there was practically no shoe in the store I wouldn't have at least tried on. Seriously.

I tried on 2 pairs of "black" peep toe wedges. Quotation marks meaning that one pair was actually deep, deep metallic green. The other had what I'd describe as a black-to-clear ombre wedge (can't find them online - sorry!). Neither was a perfect fit, so I thought I'd check zappos instead (the VERY helpful salesperson called the DC store, too, but to no avail).

And then I resorted...tough decision...to try on the pair that caught my eye when I walked in the store.

Sooooo not what I was out to purchase.

But I did. And I'll wear them to death.


Boutique Mix Fashion said...

I love the colorful pair!! I would wear them to death too. they are so cute and the perfect color combo for this season!!!!!

ms. spinach said...

Stripes! Cute.

I scored a pair like the green ones (but actually in black patent) at Marshalls for $20. Keep your eyes open!