02 September 2008

Shop in Style: Hitting the Seasonal Sales

Last week I had a flashback. Two years ago, the new H and I jumped on a train and travelled north to NYC for our honeymoon. Time together as a newly married couple, art, culture, dining, music, blah, blah, blah. It was the perfect time for shopping. At the end of July/ beginning of August, stores are clearing out their summer stock to make room for the winter (fall's already been on the racks forever, so even some of that's on sale). Among other things, I scored my still-favorite Chie Mihara pumps, a bluest blue cashmere sweater from Henri Bendel, and my Daslu boots.

I can't make it north this year, or probably even next - The Bean's probably not ready for all-day shopping - and I can barely even make it to the brick and mortar stores here. But I can shop online - and the sales online are at their best right now - sizes might be scant, but if you can find your size - or shop for sizeless items - you can score some amazing deals. Here are just a few I've stumbled across while working very very hard at my day job.

Freshwater pearl earrings at Banana. Every girl, even the edgiest, has to have a pair. If you don't own any, spring the $16.80 for these. Their sale jewelry boxes in-store are always great - I've found some of my most complimented pieces there - especially their enamel costume jewelry, like the turuqoise ring at left. Wait a little longer, then check the store, and you can probably get it for less than $15.

Never too many t-shirts in a drawer, she says. Well, actually, that's possible, but pretty, fitted, long (aren't we always looking for long ones?) versions fly to the top of the list. bluefly.com has this Rebecca Beeson top for $24.99. Not an amazing deal, but good enough to bother for something that fits - and in a couple of colors, too.

Easy to take in any style direction - classic, sporty, funky - with the right accessories, and definitely all-season, in my book, a great deal at $84 (from $240), this Rebecca & Drew shirt-dress is to be had online at Nieman Marcus. Nieman sales are great, percentage-wise, but if you're a gal really on a budget, you have to go to the end of the price-sort list for stuff that makes it in the range. $1000 from $4000 is absolutely a deal, but really.
Here's to brilliant sale shopping - online or in-store...and if you find a great deal, email me - with pics, if you can, and tell us about your find & how you plan on wearing it.
Don't forget the cardinal rule of sale shopping - if you can't picture an immediate way to incorporate it into your wardrobe, don't bother. It's still not worth the money, sale or no sale.


Anonymous said...

I followed your link to the BR earrings and left with my credit card negative $300. But lots of discounted work staples richer, I hope! Thanks!

DC Celine said...

Ooops! anonymous! I'm sure the staples were smart purchases. But did you get the earrings?