01 December 2010

Did I Do That?

Yes, dear, you did.

I got a frantic text from 31204ever over the weekend: Omfg i gought skinny jeans and am wearing them tucked into those boots. What is wrong with me?

DC Celine: Lmao

31204ever: I will never wear them except w these boots. Thnk god for old navy $15 jeans sale on fri.

31204ever and I have been batting the concept back and forth. We have friends who can pull it off, no problem. But they dance for a living. And we both love the look's concept: laid back, casual, easy. But...we're both...well, we dance when we get to someone's wedding.

If only we could make it look as easy as Reese Witherspoon*.

This is why we want to wear it. But...

There are always looks that seem great, and we desperately want to wear them. For me? It's the shirt dress. Looooove the look. And looks like @#$% on me.

Then there are the looks that you can't stand when they come out - like booties - and then end of loving once they hit the lower end stores. When is a look "done?" When it hits Banana? When it hits Target? Do we care? I, for one, am mostly in the camp of "if it looks great on you and isn't so ridiculously trendy that you'll look back with your kids and they'll howl, wear it."

So what is it for you? Belts? Wrap dresses? Scarves? What do you desperately want to wear but just. can't. pull. it. off.

*Pic from the Crazy Days and Nights blog. Thank you!

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Miss Scarlet said...

Wow, great question. There are a lot of things I really want to do, but don't for whatever reason. I wish I had the money (and legs) to get above the knee boots. I wish I could get away with sky high heels more often. Hmm, I'm sure there are more.