14 December 2011

Pampered in Style: Holiday Specials at Nectar Skin Bar

I think it's fairly clear to any semi-regular reader that I don't plug products, stores, or companies unless I love them. Which brings me to today's post.

I. Adore. Nectar Skin Bar.

And while publishing this puts my addiction at risk by exposing my appointments to more poachers, they just shared their holiday specials. Personal favorites so far? Adrian, because he's smart enough to tell me to grow my brows out. And to stop before giving me a peel that, while he suggested it originally, he didn't feel my skin could handle after the "regular" facial. And Noemi. Because if someone can give me a manicure that lasts more than 2.5 minutes on a busy mama (going on 6 days and barely chipped!), well, she wins. Totally.

So if you're still looking for gifts for your most stylish friends - or for yourself - get thee to Nectar. Now.

You did check my Style To-Do List and My Christmas List, right? On both.

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