25 July 2012

Style Inspiration: On My Mind and on My Boards

Little crazy here, folks, so a quick look (in case you aren't following me on Pinterest already) into what's on my mind and on my boards lately - and why.

Glittery, soft sparkle from Queen of Dresses DVF; How I'm Going to Style My KISS and Motley Crue T-shirts for the Office (thank you, Refinery 29. or not. see this old post about H thwarting my Rocker Chic(k) efforts ); the Gap pants that made it into my closet this weekend and are already lined up for constant rotation (more colors, please!); Catherine Malandrino, a longtime fashion and style idol (despite the fact that I now wear flats), whose dresses I now fit in; a ChloĆ© coat this Winter Girl is craving; a peek into an upcoming post on black maxi skirts for a musician friend (and the rest of us).


RosaLovesDC said...

That glittery dress is what dreams are made of. You need that (and I do too). I must say that my favorite pair of skinny pants are from the Gap, they make the best ones and they are very Audrey Hepburn.

DC Celine said...

Isn't it though? I only wish it were in a gold tone - it would be better on my skin. And yes, I feel very modern Audrey in my new pants - which is odd for me, as I've always gravitated to "the other Hepburn" for style.

Sara said...

i love those green pants. i def need a pair in my wardrobe!