04 April 2013

Style Inspiration: Of Beaches, Bedrooms, and Blue Trousers

In between deadlines, thoughts of beach living, a newly painted home, a renovated kitchen, and a clean, organized, and streamlined closet with only clothes I absolutely love are keeping me afloat. Thank goodness for Pinterest, and its infinite inspiration.

I dream of an afternoon with a book, a magazine, a chaise lounge, and a pool. In a new bikini and massive floppy hat, of course.
I dream of the beach when it's not quite warm enough to go in the water - at least not without my boots on.
I dream of the day when the bedroom painting project rendering our walls a deep, luxurious grey, and that was supposed to take a week will be done.
I dream of a kitchen that is sleek, new, and still warm and comforting. And where all my pantry supplies and cooking utensils fit.
I dream of a closet where I can find things, and where I don't need to find them, because I have only amazing, straightforward pieces that fit me and I love wearing.
These, my friends, are my current, and almost attainable dreams.
More of what I'm pinning (so addicted to the Pinterest app - I can pin ANYwhere!) over here.

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Carrie Ellingson said...

I would like to know where I can get those boots. Also dreaming of a kitchen like this. . .And I am determined to get to the beach this year a couple of times and also a serious beach vacation next year!