20 February 2007

What I Actually Wore in L.A.

So when I got there, I got lazy. And comfortable. Thank goodness for the California vibe...made me not need to worry so much about clothing...sounds like an oxymoron, I know, L.A. and not worrying about appearance, but honestly, when you're looking out at the ocean from your balcony after your massage gift from H, who the heck cares?

Tops (yes, I packed too many, but they all fit with room to spare, so why not? You never know how you'll feel, right?)
H&M babydoll sweater*
Favorite brown merino v-neck (Banana) all-weather sweater*
Favorite black holey cowl neck sweater (also Banana?), just in case it's chilly

Banana indigo babydoll T**
I.N.C. nearly sheer, ribbed printed indigo T (yes, I'm apparently in love with indigo)
Brown merino shell (Banana)
Brown F.C.U.K. kinda racer-back tank (yes, brown's a theme, too)Romanian iie (my fallback, ahem, signature, look)
Indian-inspired beaded orange tank (I'd tell you the designer, but it's packed, and all I can remember is that it was a Nieman Marcus purchase and the logo reminds me of Guns-N-Roses)

H's old school warm-up jacket

Ancient Citizens trouser jeans*
Boring but functional (and well-fitting) khakis (Banana)*
Boring but functional (and not-as-well-fitting) pseudo khakis (Banana?) - original plan are still at the cleaners (sorry, H, I forgot, too!)

Too big (but fit the mildly growing bump) Kate-inspired pinstriped trousers**

Sole dress H&M wrap dress (we'll see if I feel up to wearing it, but it packs too well to not come with me)

New orange Nine West flats
Ancient and holey Target mocs
Ancient (what will I do if they ever die?!) bronze/gold sandals (for evening with jeans - perfect) ***

*On the original list
***which, since I haven't worn in 3000 years, gave me a BIG ol blister on the bottom of my foot.

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