26 June 2008

Calling the IR!

For all of you who've written in and we've attempted to solve your Style Dilemmas, we want to know how they turned out...some of you have shared (carebear, 31204ever, thank you!), some of you, we still want to know what you ended up with (dariaux, what did you wear in India? hyperchondriac, how'd those interviews go? 31204ever, what are you wearing while pushing your Bean?)...

Let us know!


Hyperchondriac said...

hi! Interviews haven't started yet. I just like to get ready early. And when I applied to med sch, suits were no where in sight by the time I was ready to interview! Seems like suit season generally happens in the Spring or something. But I'm still looking for pretty blouses to go with the suit. Decided to go with some frilly ones (non-shiny) with bright colors!

Hyperchondriac said...

oops. pressed enter before i was done.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help!